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Matthew Marriott is a British and Irish Adventurer, Researcher, Geographer, Physicist, Data Science/Artificial Intelligence/Tech expert, and Financial Services professional. Prior to that he worked in the Travel Industry, the City, and has lived in Cairo, Egypt and Australia. His travels have taken him to dozens of countries, and his focus is on gaining a holistic understanding of the culture and place he engages with, or 'holistic travel'.

He has walked across Rainforests (Australia & Indian Ocean), Deserts (Moroccan Sahara & Tabernas Desert, Spain), Mountain ranges and speaks several modern languages, including German, French, Spanish, Arabic (MSA, ECA, Levantine), Berber dialects and intermediate Russian. He also has knowledge of ancient languages including Assyrian, Cuneiform, Runes, Ancient Egyptian, Latin and Ancient Greek.

In 2024, he founded World Exploration Data Science (WEDS), to further exploratory discoveries through the use of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence - visit www.worldexplorationdatascience.com to find out more.

Matthew is an elected Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, and a Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society. He is also a member of the Challenger Society for Marine Research, Globetrotter's Club, Australian Geographic Society and the T. E. Lawrence Society.

As an aspiring travel photographer, he has had his work offered for Editorial through Shutterstock, and been a Contributor for National Geographic on Your Shot.

Matthew has a reputation as the 'Batman of the UK's Financial Services' running multi-million pound Artifical Intelligence Financial Counter Crime projects in the Insurance Industry, and has been shortlisted for several UK National Awards including in the City of London. While laughing off this accolade, it is a coincidence that Matthew's childhood name was 'Bat', so called after an experience falling into the deepest cave surrounded by Bats in the Dordogne, France, as a child.